Professional car detailing

At Austin Tint Pros, we offer various car window tint services such as window film installation, coating, ceramic tint, and interior detailing. Our experience in the industry has helped us scale up our high-quality service delivery to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We’re among the few certified car dealers in Austin, Texas, so no worries when you come to us.

So, what can you expect from our car detailing services?

Professional Car wash and Detailing

It feels very uncomfortable to drive a dirty vehicle. Make sure your car is cleaned and detailed from time to time to keep it in excellent condition. Most car owners usually confuse the detailing and car wash services. However, these two services are very different from each other.


  • Shampooing the whole body, including the tires.
  • Use pressure wash to rinse the car.
  • Give it some time to dry.

We also spray your car with an air freshener and wax when necessary. On the other hand, car detailing Austin Tx takes auto washing to the next level by giving more attention to waxing, washing, and even drying. We clean every part of your vehicle dashboard in auto interior detailing and even under the seats to restore your vehicle’s neatness to look new. Our experienced and skilled experts use clay bars to eliminate all stubborn contaminants that survived during the normal washing.

Customized car detailing services to suit your requirements

You don’t have to worry about auto detailing near me; Austin Tint Pros is a leading window tinting company in Austin and around Texas. Our experienced experts offer different tiers of car detailing Austin Tx services to suit your vehicle needs. Thus, we do a proper examination to ensure we offer services depending on your vehicle requirements. If your car has scratches, we will use a machine polisher to smoothen the paintwork and restore your car’s beauty. Our job is to put a smile on your face after detailing your car. We finish our detailing process by applying high-quality wax or sealant to extend the results and keep your car neat for longer.


Please note that our experts will remove your car wheels for easy access to the underneath areas like inner components and the braking system when detailing the vehicle. If there are stains on the car seats, we will shampoo and professionally clean them. Besides, we use modern and soft brushes that are gentle on your car interiors and fabrics. We leave no stains or damages on your car. We do our best to bring out the lost neatness and beauty in your car.

Professional car detailing

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