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We as Austin tint pros offer tinting services not only to vehicles but also to your office, business and commercial property. We are located in Texas and we offer services within 20 km radius. We are known to be the best because we offer better comfort and security. In addition to that, we use 3M window films that are strong and long lasting. We are cost effective, either you want to lock harmful UV rays, dress up for your business or add security to windows, we are here to ensure the job is perfectly done.

1.Custom office window tinting for sun control

  • Work comfort > Tinting prevent UV from damaging the skin to 99 percent, the ultraviolet rays harm the skin by causing diseases like skin cancer and accelerate aging. In conjunction to that, window tinting prevents the windows from damaging UVB and UVA rays. This maintains the temperature consistence reducing the HVAC cycling, this result to better conditions indoors, reducing energy cost and extended HVAC lifetimes. In conclusion, computer screen is free from glare, the solar hot spots are minimized and the office environment stays cool for longer period.
  • Energy saving > Filming windows reduces energy rate and damage from sunlight. The films reflect absorbed glare, UV rays and heat. This improves insulation of the windows so as the house stays cool or warmer depending on the environment exposed. When professionally installed either on single or double structure window pane the energy is reduced to approximately 30 percent, while the installation cost be 90 percent lower than installing new windows. Filming windows also increasing the thermal reflect of the home’s windows hence, reducing the solar heat gain which eventually reduces the time the air conditional is scheduled to run. Eventually, a total of 1 ton of air conditional in 100 square feet is saved of glass exposed to the sun.
commercial window tint austin
  • Fading and wear > Filming home windows is one of the best ways to prevent furniture’s from fading. This is evidence since, filming filter the UV rays responsible for asset fading to 90 percent. Therefore, the effect of destructive solar on the assets and interior finishes is reduced.

2. Safety and security windows tint for your business.

  • Crime prevention > window tinting reduces crimes as they conceal the items inside a store or an office. This are essential for business men who don’t want the store layout revealed. In addition to that, Filming offers an extra layer of protection which ensures the window is unbreakable.
  • Bomb blast protection > violent crimes have risen greatly in most part of Austin and this has raised concern for need for improved security means. Commercial window tilting is one means of solution assembled to reduce these crimes, by defending against violent act. Filming this window reduces the chances of injury and damage from blast keeping the building occupant safe. This is achieved since the window tint is designed to absorb the impact while protecting the people and the building from blast. At the end all the broken panes are held together reducing the risk of harm.
  • Graffiti management > graffitiing destroy the walls and the windows. To prevent this on windows, anti-graffiti clear window tint is used, which is known to be self-adhesive and protect the windows from taggers. Therefore, the windows are protected from graffiti means, such as sprays, starching and paint by providing physical barrier. Unfortunately, if the window gets tagged, simply remove the tint and replace it. Eventually, the money to replace the window film is saved.
3. Personalize your commercial space with decorated window tint.
  • Design flexibility > window tint is widely used for industrial means, nevertheless, commercial window tint can also be used for design and to express creativity. Ther are variety of design for instance, creating stained effect on glass. Apart from the beauty seen in the stained glass, they are also a little bit expensive for both homes and working buildings. The tints create a beautiful color effect which eventually are used to put splash of color in rooms giving them brighter feeling.
  • Enhanced privacy > one benefit of window tinting is providing security. The window is designed to make it hard for anyone from outside to see inside. The security window tint is dark with several levels of visible light transmission. Another benefit is natural light can still penetrate to your home without destroying the skin, lastly one can choose a darker film which block percentage to 99 UV rays. This results to secure areas, and secures confidential information.
  • Options for all > designs gives different style and texture which provide privacy in an office and enough sunlight.

Commercial window tint service

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